5 of the best beaches you can find in L’Escala

If you plan to rent a holiday home in L’Escala, you should know that it is one of the places with the most beautiful bays of the Costa Brava and the world according to Unesco data.

Today we want to talk about 5 of its best beaches, its Mediterranean waters, its pleasant summertime temperature and a unique place where you can surely enjoy and relax in the company of your loved ones.

“Platja de les Barques”

We can find this beach property right in the center of L’Escala. It is also known as “La Platja”, and was a beach that was not considered to be used by bathers until 1962, since it was formerly used to carry out fishing and mooring of boats.

This beach has an area of ​​2420 m2 and a length of 103 meters, its sand is rather thick and we can easily reach it on foot or using the famous Carrilet de L’Escala.

Currently we can find this beach surrounded by a renovated walk, bars, restaurants and lots of life throughout the year.


The beach of Riells is a beach of urban environment that we can find next to a great variety of bars, restaurants and commercial establishments.

Its sand is very fine, its waters are rather calm, it has a large area of ​​34,704 m2 and a total length of 582 meters. It is ideal to enjoy with family, sports and games.

This beach is also well known for its great promenade, which can be explored on foot or by bicycle passing through its large number of establishments on the beach.


This well-known cove is very characteristic due to its fine sand and its location. It has a rounded shape and is surrounded by several establishments.

It is highly recommended if we want to protect ourselves from the wind of the Tramuntana and its proximity to the Natural Park of Montgrí, the Medas Islands and the Baix Ter.

Next to this beach we can walk a path to Ventosa point or climb the well-known tower of Montgó. This tower was formerly used to warn of possible invasions.

Riuet beach

If we look for a beach where we can enjoy the tranquility, the Playa del Riuet is a suitable place. This beach of fine sand that is located in the north of L’Escala, is ideal to practice all kinds of water sports and have time for relaxation.

This beach is divided into two zones, of which we can access through the municipality of Sant Martí d’Empúries and near the small stream called Riuet.

The beach is divided into two different zones. The first is known as Miranda beach and is on the side that gives access to the town of Sant Martí, so it is usually more crowded with bathers. The second beach is located further north, surrounded by the natural environment near the Riuet creek.

It has a length of 445 meters in total and an area of ​​15,667m2, also has services such as beach bars, showers and sun loungers.

Moll Grec

The beach of Moll Grec is located next to the Hellenistic pier of the port of the ruins of the ancient city of Empúries. This port was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans when they settled in the ancient city of Empúries and served as the entrance to the ships of ancient civilizations.

This beach thus becomes an open-air museum with many years of history where we can enjoy authentic relics next to the Museum of Archeology of Catalonia.

The sand on the beach is fine, it has a total area of ​​17,331m2 and a length of 432 meters.

These paradisiac beaches will be ideal to enjoy a magnificent vacation where you can sunbathe under the sun of the Costa Brava. So enjoy and relax from an environment like no other.

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