Enjoy the wonderful cultural offer of L’Escala

The coast of the Costa Brava, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful places of the whole planet. This coastal strip of 214 km length, belonging to the province of Girona, gives us the best Mediterranean beaches with a warm sea of ​​different blue shades and white sands, a true delight for those who decided to spend their holidays in this beautiful Spanish corner.

One of the towns of the Costa Brava, which attracts tourists, is L’Escala, the municipality of the region of Alto Ampurdan with a thousand-year history, since here was founded the Greco-Roman city of Ampurias, whose ruins are considered one of the most important archaeological sites of the region and where the Catalan Museum of Archeology is located.

Thanks to its baggage of fishing industry, L’Escala has a unique cuisine. The dishes based on anchovies received international recognition and served to create the Anchovy Quality Mark of L’Escala. Taste these delicate taste of the dish you can in different restaurants and bars, which offers the town to all its visitors.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of L’Escala is its cultural life. This Catalan town has many museums on different topics; In addition, many traditional holidays are celebrated here, which attract a large number of tourists, both Spanish and foreign.

Three options for cultural tourism, which you will be happy to visit in L’Escala

The Catalan Museum of Archeology in Empurias (MAC-Empúries)

It is located on the ruins of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Empurias. It offers visitors an opportunity to get acquainted with the most important archaeological objects of the region, which have a huge historical value, found during excavations for more than 100 years.

Fish Processing Center (MARAM)

An interactive museum that gives its visitors an opportunity to get a direct acquaintance with the world of the Mediterranean fish industry, in particular the Costa Brava. Located in the fishing port of L’Escala in a unique environment. Here you can see the real life of fishermen, their daily work.

The museum will allow you to get closer to the traditional fishing industry, which is practiced on this coast from generation to generation. You will see fishing boats and get acquainted with such applied fishing techniques as longline fishing, net fishing. And also you will see how fish trading takes place in these ports.

Museum of Anchovies and Salt

Included in the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. This museum was founded in 2006, whose goal is to restore, preserve and disseminate the material and intangible cultural heritage of L’Escala, closely related to the practice of salting in this region, which is internationally recognized.

Visiting this museum will acquaint you with the important aspects of fishing with the subsequent salting of anchovies and sardines. You will be acquainted with the skill of catching these species of sea fish and with different techniques of fishing, used on this coast since time immemorial.

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